Tips for Using Public Transportation

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Public transportation is a great way for visitors to travel around a lot of major U.S. cities. It’s also consistently underrated. Transit stops are often planned around big attractions, and rental cars are not easy on the wallet or the nerves in a lot of metro areas. What’s more, many cities and mass transit systems have websites and mobile apps that offer easy-to-use routing tools that are great even for out-of-towners.

Just don’t forget to check on the ride fees, payment options, and general rider information. Some of the old-fashioned truths still apply. If you’re paying in cash, you may need to have exact change. If there’s a rider card, are there different options that may be tailored to how long you’re going to be in town and how much you plan to use the public transportation?

The relative safety of using public transportation typically follows the location within the city and the time of day. Whether it’s the bus or a subway, it’s often a very different experience traveling in a business district in the middle of the day, compared to the last run of the night on a route that passes by clubs and bars. With these basics in mind, find more tips and strategies for using public transportation.