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Leavitt Island
latitude: 70.56917
longitude: -149.67417
state: Alaska
county: North Slope
category: Island
elevation (ft/m): 3/1
description: one of Jones Is. on Beaufort Sea coast, W of Pingok I., Arctic Plain
history: E. de K. Leffingwell (1919, p. 97) originally named "the largest of the Jones Islands, * * * Leavitt Island, * * * after Capt. (George) Leavitt of the whaling fleet." Leffingwell gave its Eskimo name as "Pingok," meaning "mound," which name is applied to the largest island on present day maps.

citation: Represents a feature name collected during Phase I GNIS data compilation (1976-1981), primarily from existing U.S. Geological Survey 1:24,000-scale topographic maps; various edition dates.

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